The Definitive Techno Compilation and Mix

The Definitive Techno Compilation

Secret Weapon Records’ Attorney General (a.k.a. Mark Quail) serves us a federally-sanctioned-and-copyright-board-approved mix and a compilation of his favorite techno selections from our catalog.

We are very proud of our deep catalog of fresh innovative techno from a new generation of artists. Quail’s selections from these contemporary classics are complimented with some surprises from our long and influential heritage in techno music. You’ll enjoy long-time favorites from Barada and Omegaman side-by-side with our recent hits from Kolombo, Robot Needs Oil, Olivier Giacomotto and John Acquaviva.

We are pleased and proud to make this compilation and dj mix available to you to download at a special price on You can buy the tracks you like most from the compilation package and you can buy the entire compliation as a DJ mix.

01 | Ramon Tapia – Highway (Kolombo Remix) – Definitive Recordings
02 | John Acquaviva – Moth To Flame – Definitive Recordings
03 | John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto – Sofa King (Mark Mendes’ Starter Remix) – Definitive Recordings
04 | John Acquaviva & Olivier Giacomotto – Gail in the O – Definitive Recordings
05 | Damon Jee & Olivier Giacomotto – Walking on the Moog – Definitive Recordings
06 | Julio Montes – Viajelandia (Original Mix) – Definitive Recordings
07 | Junior Frank & WNDLK vs Elektrus – Chinese Whispers – Definitive Recordings
08 | Olivier Giacomotto & DJ Tonio – Eat What You Kill (Kiko Remix) – Definitive Recordings
09 | Omega Man – Happy Organ (Boomer & Robotman Remix) – Definitive Recordings
10 | Barada – Baradatrax (Original Mix) – Definitive Recordings
11 | Barada – Mathematics (Original Mix) – Definitive Recordings
12 | John Acquaviva & DJ Remo – Italo (Dub Mix) – Definitive Recordings
13 | Junior Frank & WNDLK vs Elektrus – Gossip (Version 1) – Definitive Recordings
14 | Robot Needs Oil – the New $cience (Original Mix) – Definitive Recordings

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