The PeepShow Radio Show

Las Vegas — Dance music guru and entrepreneur Dan Diamond has just launched his new radio program Peepshow Radio, on the Sin City based network Teklab FM.

The new radio endeavor adds another notch to the list of accomplishments from Diamond, known for the hit club single ‘She’s A Dancer’ and ‘I Wanna Go Down.’ Peepshow Radio features some of the hottest new and old school dance and club tracks, as well as some of todays hottest guests. 

Diamond is joined by popular Las Vegas DJ Sarah Fab, who discuss in your face topics in music, club politics, and pop culture. TekLab FM’s own Anthony MPulse also joins the cast, adding a perfect blend up electronic beats to keep the show rolling. 

Dan’s in your face no-nonsense approach really captures the beat of of his audience, and communicates to the growing global electronic music audience. In a no hold barred atmosphere, anything can happen on Peepshow Radio.

Peepshow Radio broadcasts to a worldwide audience Sunday Nights 8-10pm/PST